8-years ago I was an Olympic Volunteer

It seems only like yesterday but 8-years ago I was a London 2012 Olympic volunteer. I was part of the medical teams working in the Aquatic centre for the Swimming, diving, syncronised swimming events we were also at the Water Polo arena next door to the pool. I was there for the full 20 days and nights and found it one of the best life expeiences I ever had; I would certainly recommend volunteering to everyone.

A Facebook memory prompt from 8-years ago just popped up. It reminded me that I was at the Serbia v Hungary water polo match. The atmosphere was electric; the two countries to say don’t get on is certainly an understatement. The fans had to be seperated from each other by a police cordon; both sets of fans tried to out cheer their respective teams and hairs just stood up on the back of your neck with the generated atmosphere.

Nevertheless, some fans did get at each other and as first responders we were very busy utilising our first aid skills; some injuries were quite nasty and did test us a bit.