I was able to help save a Maintenance man (9/4/15)

"I had an emergency first aid call last week when one of our Maintenance men fell through a roof and landed in the recycling boxes! Fortunately it was not glass recycling box into which he fell and the building is only 8' high. So whilst our guy did not appear to be seriously hurt, I was able to check him for shock and concussion and check him over for bruising/swelling and reassure him. He has made a full recovery and I am sure if I had not so recently attended the refresher course, I may have struggledto remember how to identify when a casualty is suffering from shock. Many thanks for you information and interesting training - this meant I could deal with this incident and act with confidence and use the knowledge which you had taught me."

Chrissie Sykes
PA Managing Director
Sinclair Properties
York YO10 5EB

A First Aid Course can save lives; and probably did (17/4/13)

"Recently trained Rob Taylor; a long served FSH tradesman plasterer based in Liverpool, was able to administer life saving skills whilst at the home of an elderly policyholder after she sustained what proved to be a Stroke.

"Rob was calm and collected following the collapse of the home owner, ensuring the recovery position and clear airways whilst alerting emergency services who attended promptly. The ambulance crew complimented Rob on his actions and certainly the insured's daughter feared the worse had Rob not been on site. She has sent a message of appreciation to 'Infront Solutions' and has confirmed her mother is doing well.

"Tony Mather from 'Infront Solutions' sent the following message; "With regard the actions of Rob and John in assisting Mrs Ryan, I would just like to add my personal gratitude and commendation for their actions, they are a credit to FSH."

"This event clearly highlights the skills we all should learn to aid our fellow humans and we compliment Rob on his commitment and concentration when on the Emergency First Aid at Work Course 28th February 2013 (Tony Clough FIRST AID TRAINING Ltd); these courses can often be perceived to be a nuisance and getting in the way of daily duties.

"Well done Rob and also John Sanderson the other half of this long standing two man team with was also on site and aided the situation"

Ian Wood
Managing Director
FSH Maintenance Ltd

2012 Olympic Games First Responder  (27/7/2012 - 12/8/2012)

"During the period of the Olympic Games I was one of the Advanced Skills First Responders who worked in the same role as and with Tony at the Aquatic Centre. We were part of a wonderful diverse group which had different levels of experience, and, in the case of Tony, some extaordinary backgrounds. Our role encompassed responsibilities which ranged from the delivery of basic First Aid to the extrication of casualties and provision of CPR if required. We were kept busy a lot of the time. Tony's confidence and expertise was evident from the onset and appreciated by all. He had an enthusiasm for the first aid work which always proved uplifting at the end of a tiring shift, as were his jokes and stories!

"It wasn't just Tony's professional expertise which contributed to the experience. A major part of the games was the sensational atmosphere that captured so many of us. For me part of this atmosphere was created by the people with who I worked, and, for many spectators by the volunteers who they met. Tony was certainly a key player in this. He is clearly someone with excellent communication skills, broad life experience and a great sense of humour.

"It was a privilege to be part of such a dedicated, hardworking and vibrant team.

"I have complete confidence in Tony's ability to deliver outstanding courses and share enriched aspects of his experience which extend outside of the curriculum.

"I wish him all the best for the future."

Owen Hibberd
3rd Year Medical Student

Joanne Kaye (Emsley Solicitors) (06/01/2013) 

"Hi Tony you probably won't remember me but I took your course in early 2012 from Emsleys Solicitors never thinking I would need to use what I had learnt but thanks to you I helped a Rapid Response Paramedic with a motorcycle accident yesterday so thank you for the training it served me well.

Jo Kaye
Emsleys Solicitors, Leeds

Illingworth Fire Station (02/07/2008)

"Our watch has been without a CASCI for around 18 month, this has been for various reasons. We do make use of our local stations but we have made more use of Tony Clough. Today Tony once again called at our station to offer his services; he informed me he will be retiring in the near future."

"I would just like to say that Tony offers an invaluable service, he is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his subject and all the watch enjoy his training sessions. We should have our own CASCI next month, but I do think the idea of having a roving instructor, especially someone who enjoys what they are teaching is a very good idea."

"We wish Tony all the best for the future."

WM Colin Pickles
White Watch
Illingworth Station


Fairweather Green Fire Station (11/07/2008)

"I would like to comment on the excellent training and assessment session, performed by Tony Clough on the 8/07/2008 to Blue Watch."

"This is the first time I have received such training and it was methodical, clear and flexible covering the core casualty care safety critical. Being a casualty care instructor myself it has cleared up some misunderstandings that I had and has inspired me with my future training, especially with the training input given to drivers prior to their FAAW examinations."

"Also I was pleasantly surprised how much the rest of the watch had retained the information from Tony's previous sessions."

"I highly recommend the roving Cas Care Instructor."

Regards CM Bairstow


Leeds White Watch (18/07/2008)

"I would like to make a few comments on behalf of Leeds White Watch regarding our recent CAS Care lecture by Tony Clough. The standard of the instruction was excellent and whilst the standard provided by watch based instructors is very good, they cannot match the expertise of someone like Tony providing such instruction on a daily basis. The whole watch considered Tonys' visit to be highly beneficial."

WM 2781 WOOD


Leeds College of Music (05/05/2009)

"Dear Tony,
Thank you for providing our F.E. students with an 'Introduction to First Aid' course last week. The students really enjoyed the whole experience, and certainly came away with confidence in their First Aid skills."

"The course was well organised, and the content was delivered at just the right level for the age group of the students. I would highly recommend this course to other colleges."

"I look forward to inviting you back to Leeds College of Music for another course next year!"

Dawn Moore
Student Liaison Officer


Colton Brownies (19/05/2009)

"To Tony,
Thank you very much for showing us how to do first aid."

Colton Brownies


Orchard Care Homes, Allerton Bywater, Nr Castleford (10/09/2010)

"This was the best First Aid courses I have been on. I was interested throughout and found Tony's style of teaching easy to follow"


CPDme (10/12/2011)

"Tony writes first aid articles for the CPDme web site and CPDme Newsletter. He has up-to-date reliable knowledge of the subjects he writes about, which shows he has considerable pre-care hospital experience. Tony gives the reader straightforward descriptions of how to perform first aid tasks"

Dom Regan





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